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You don’t need beliefs to believe that you can

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you can achieve anything? Why some have the motivation and the dedication to follow their dreams while others don't? How can you believe in yourself if you don't?

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you can achieve anything? Why do some have the motivation and the dedication to follow their dreams while others don’t? How can you believe in yourself if you don’t?

People that don’t believe in themselves, sentence themselves to live a life worrying about their future, missed opportunities, fearing uncertainty.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you make decisions based on fear, such as picking a safe job for yourself. Then you live your life running away from the prison you put yourself in. The best part of your day becomes when you’re going home, the best part of your week becomes your weekend. The best part of your year becomes your vocation.

People manage their fears instead of managing their dreams. We compromise on what we want because we don’t believe that we can achieve what we want.

How many people you know that actually love what they do? Not like what they do, but love what they do. And how many choose safe or comfortable jobs with benefits?

2017 Gallop poll showed that 85% of people actually hate their jobs.

But what choice do we have if we don’t believe in ourselves if this is who we are right now?

Not all of us were brought up supported emotionally and mentally, inspired to do what we want to do. Most of us picked up the lack and doubt mentality when we learned about how to survive and succeed in life.

From time to time we hear stories in the likes of Slumdog Millionaire that give us goosebumps. Struggling artists, musicians, businessman that succeed against all the odds, people with zero resources managing to become successful. These stories inspire us to believe in ourselves for about 10 seconds, and then we are back to square one.

Instead of seeing those stories and using them to drive ourselves towards our dreams we categorize them as luck that happens to a handful of people. We choose to think that way because we don’t want to remind ourselves that we gave up on our own dreams.

But the only reason why we think like that is that we have already established a firm belief about ourselves and our limits. And it will take more than a story to change our points of views about ourselves.

If you look at the universe, you’ll notice a continuous cycle of life and death.
Even when we look at our life, and go as far as we can remember ourselves. There is not one thing in our life that stayed the same. Your body, emotions, and thoughts are changing as you read this.

Our beliefs were never constant in our life. They came into our reality just like our body came to be the way it is today.

Think about the beliefs and point of view that came and went throughout your life. For example, once we believed in Santa Claus and miracles and now we don’t.

Can we really count on our beliefs?

A Belief is born when we decide to adopt some opinion as truth. We determine what is true according to our past experiences. And then we live our lives relying on our beliefs and take actions. Imagine counting on Santa to bring you presents your whole life because you believe that he is real. Now, what would you think about him if you didn’t receive a present from Santa? Would you think that Santa is an ass?

We are tricked into believing in things that are not there like, unworthiness and lack. Where are those things? These are not actual things these are descriptions of our emotions.

When it comes to doing what we want whether we like it or not we’re going to face our beliefs by experiencing how we feel about ourselves going in the direction we want to go. If you know what you love and still feel bad thinking about doing what you love, you are experiencing your own objections to having what you want and love. Your body reminds you that you can’t have what you want via emotions that reflect your beliefs.

We are striving from the very beginning to enjoy life, take care of ourselves, and take care of others we love, it is in our DNA to be kind to ourselves and others. It feels good when we do it. Believing that we can’t, stands in our way when we try to take care of ourselves by doing what we love.

We don’t need to believe that we can do something, we just need to wake up to all the beliefs we choose to believe that we can’t. So that next time when you feel bad about something you want, pay attention to your suffering emotions and not the thoughts that tell you – I can’t. Give attention to what hurts emotionally, and your body will heal your emotional wounds.

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