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Returning to bliss – Meditation

What prevents you from being in peace what prevents you feeling bliss, right now ?

what prevents you from being in peace

what prevents you feeling bliss, right now

you have the answers

you can notice the resistance to your inner peace

notice the tension in your body

notice your unwillingness to let go of that tension

this is you holding on to resistance to tension

cringing your body

trying to protect yourself from your worries and fears

notice this tension

notice, how it doesn’t affect anything

it doesn’t change anything

your experience remains the same

the tension doesn’t benefit you

it only ads up to what is already here

become interested in releasing this tension

releasing this resistance

because you can clearly see its irrelevancy

its lack of efficiency

lack of beneficence

return to openness

return to flow

become interested in releasing your own resistance

become interested to be overflown by existence

existence has no interest in harming you

you are already supported

feel that you are supported by the fact that you exist

you do not make any effort to exist

the only effort that you make is holding on to resisting your worries and fears

tensing your body

tensing your mind


breathe into those areas in your body with the intention to release your resistance

and becoming open just to existing

without effort

Yours truly,



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