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How to set yourself free

What is freedom for you? Is it to do what you want all the time? Is it to have peace of mind that you are safe? Is it to be reassured that your future is taken care of ? Whatever it is, like everything else freedom can only be experienced now

What is freedom for you?

Is it to do what you want all the time?

Is it to have peace of mind that you are safe?

Is it to be reassured that your future is taken care of?

Whatever it is, like everything else freedom can only be experienced now.

However, when we put conditions to when and how we can experience freedom, we deprive ourselves of experiencing freedom until those conditions are met.

Many think that freedom comes from circumstance, like having enough resources or things that allow you to relax and to feel free as a result.

For example, having the opportunity to go anywhere you can imagine, is freedom of movement. But aren’t we already free to move in any direction?

Having the ability to express yourself is a freedom of speech, but how many of us withhold what we really want to say because we’re afraid of the consequences and thus believe that we are not free to speak our minds?

Freedom in all of its forms is already available to us right now. We all can experience freedom once we understand that freedom comes without conditions.

All the conditions to freedom are imagined by the mind. A condition is not something real. It is an idea, a concept that we choose to hang on to. The need to have conditions in our mind to freedom is creating imaginary walls that stand between us and freedom.

Think about all of the conditions that you believe need to be resolved for you to feel free. See that none of them is an actual thing that exists in reality as a physical obstacle, they are all ideas that are based on how you see life.

If you believe that you need to have something first to feel free, ask yourself – Is the thing I want to have, has the means to reach deep inside my soul and alter my emotional state to freedom? Or is the item that I want is only physical, like a car or a house or perhaps it is a number on a digital screen whether that number represents your bank account balance or the number of likes you got, all those things are not physical.

See that the circumstance and everything external to you has no access to your inner world or soul or emotional state of being without your permission, in fact, you need to want it to access your emotional state for it to change the way you feel.

We feel constricted due to our conditioning habit of thinking in a certain way and believing in certain things.

Since freedom has no conditions for you, then it is you that creates conditions to Freedom, and thus only you can choose to free yourself from those conditions.

The way to do it is to notice the most obvious thing right now that you think is limiting you. See that it is you that holds onto an idea in your mind about what is limiting you, and not the other way around.

The thing that you think is limiting you is not holding you a prisoner, you think that you’re a prisoner as a result of holding onto some idea and believing in it.

Your freedom or freedom in general, can not be limited in any way by any idea. Freedom itself is free to exist as it is and it only knows more freedom otherwise it wouldn’t be. The minute you associate limiting beliefs or ideas with freedom or give it conditions, it seizes to be free.

So all you need to do is to remove any beliefs and conditions you hold in your mind about freedom.

To experience freedom right now is to detach from all beliefs and ideas that you think are limiting you right now. An idea or a belief is formless it has no physical limits or boundaries, so it is incapable of holding you, only you can hold it.

What is limiting you is your attention to that idea. Our constant attention or focus or awareness on something, in particular, is what is stopping us, restricting us, and is making us feel that we are limited, not free.

If it is all imaginary why the experience feels so real?

Imagine walking down the street when something grabs your attention, and you don’t allow yourself to let go of it, continually looking back at the thing that caught your attention.  

You find yourself always needing to stay in a visual distance from that thing because you are now interested in not losing it from your sight. Wouldn’t you agree that this can limit your freedom of moving past a certain distance?

You can’t afford yourself to move beyond the point from which you no longer see that thing. So you are bound into a particular radius, existing around it.

The same way is with a limited idea or a belief, it constricts our movement to a certain radius. What is limiting is our unwillingness to let go of our attention from what we believe needs to happen before we can be free. Precisely the same way we persisted from letting go of something that we wanted to be able to see continuously in our example.

So what can we do?

Take a deep breath right now and focus your attention on your most inner sense of yourself. Focus on your existence at this moment. See that your existence right now has no conditions. You are breathing, your body is functioning. You can move your body in any direction. You can pronounce any word known to your mind. You are free to exist, to move and to speak. You are also free to limit yourself by holding on onto limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Freedom allows you to limit yourself. But if you limit yourself you’ll no longer get to experience freedom. See and sense experientially that you are free regardless of circumstance.

Understand that if you choose freedom in every moment of your existence you will become free. Unfortunately, our mind is conditioned to function on autopilot, always pulling us back to our old habits of behavior and thoughts. Although the recognition of freedom comes for free the reconditioning of our mind to think in a new way does not.

That is why it will take time and dedication, to become free on an automatic level. It will take time to convince yourself that the ideas that you hold about your freedom limiting you are a result of you holding your attention on them choosing them time after time again.

Why you choose them is a whole different topic, but understanding why will most definitely help you see that all your limiting beliefs are false. The minute you see the real roots of your limiting beliefs you come to realize that they didn’t come from you, and you are free to let them go. This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel constricted again, but it will allow you to free yourself faster and faster each time you feel you’re not.

So are you willing and ready to set yourself free?

Yours truly,


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