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Surrender to existence and find peace

When you observe everything in existence notice how everything is going in a certain direction. Everything has its own path. Sometimes the direction is predictable like the waves coming to shore and sometimes it is not, like the wind moving the leaves and the tree. Both cases resemble an already established plot, a story if you will, just like in a movie.

Notice yourself existing in that movie. Notice how you criticise it. How you’re trying to predict the plot. Egitated by certain scenes. Worried and afraid of what might come.

You don’t have to do that. The movie will keep on playing no matter of you complains. In fact you can relax all your complains and demands for a few seconds and let in the natural flow of existence into your experience.

See for yourself how everything is standing on its own without your efforts and worries. Existence is like this. Effortless. You can be like that too if you choose to see this. Everything in existence is already at rest. See this. Feel this. Surrender to this. Let it show you what it is like.

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