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What are the chances that you are giving yourself? Are they in your favor? What are your Truths? Are they stopping you or moving you forward towards what you want?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There is truth in each moment in Time.
Each moment contains its own truth.
As each moment is replaced by the next moment, the truth of the previous moment can be replaced by a new truth, a new perspective.

This is – change.

What if I offered you the truth? Would you take it?
Of course, you might say – I’m always interested in the truth.

Well, which version of the truth are you interested in?
The one that hurts or the one that’s comfortable?
-But what do you mean there’s only one truth?
How do you know that there is only one truth?

If I’ll show you a study about eggs that shows they are bad for you, will you stop eating eggs? Or at least try to cut down eating fewer eggs.
Then what if after some time I’ll show you another study proving the opposite, will you return to consuming eggs as you did.
Would you agree that in both periods when you ate eggs and tried to avoid eating eggs, you lived your Truth?
So, you see just from this example alone you have lived through multiple variations of Truths.
Can you imagine if every other year new research came out disapproving the previous one? And each time you believed the offered truth to you?

You can quickly see that: The only truth there is – is the one we choose to believe in.

What if I told you that the life you live is made up of many different Truths you choose to believe in. And you sometimes sacrifice your health and time to protect what you believe is true.

You don’t have to believe in anything. You don’t need to fight for anything. You do that only because you believe that you should or have to. Every choice you’ve made and will make will always be based on some truth you believe in.

There are two kinds of truths. There is the learned truth, and there is the unlearned truth.

The learned truth may lead you to make choices out of fear, insecurity, worry, lack.
The unlearned truth will lead you to make choices out of love, compassion, kindness,
simply because these things are already programmed into you before you learn anything.

So, are you ready to see the Truths that make you fear, worry, or insecure?
You don’t have to think about the answer, I will show you the answer.
Ask yourself what do you do when you fear or worry about the things you think about? Do you agree with your fears or not?
The obvious answer is that we all agree with our fears. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have them.

We agree to the thoughts that provoke fear, worry, and insecurity. We agree with the thoughts that represent the truth we believe in.
The truth we learned.
We agree to the truth that makes us fear.
The moment we choose to agree with something, to believe in something, we stick with it, just like with eggs, we decide to stick with our fears, worries, and insecurities.

You might say that you never chose to agree to your fears or to be insecure about anything. But if you don’t agree with your fears, then they should not be an obstacle for you to achieve anything you want. However, when you try to take action in spite of your fears, they only grow bigger.

When we try to take action against our truth no matter what it is, it always feels bad. Even if that truth is non-beneficial for us or hidden from us in our subconscious. It feels bad going against what you feel is real, like fear.

Fear feels real because it represents some truth we believe in.

Once we choose to believe in anything, it becomes real. It becomes our reality. The life you know as real is the sum of all the things that you believe are true.

If you think that eggs are bad for you, they will not be a part of your diet, if you believe the opposite of that, they will. So if you believe that you can’t do something you probably won’t. But if you believe that you can, there is a chance that you will.

What are the chances that you are giving yourself?
Are they in your favor?
What are your Truths?
Are they stopping you or moving you forward towards what you want?
Are you aware of the fact that when fear stops you, you are simply blinded by some truth you believe in?

Are you ready to wake up and see yourself limiting yourself, so you can Free yourself? Or are you too comfortable complaining about your fears, and what stops you?

Yours truly,

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