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Put your mind to rest

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Notice thoughts and make the intention that you are not interested in narrating what you notice.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Have you ever wondered about the mechanics of seeing or hearing or any other sense that you use in your human experience?

Most don’t. These things feel natural to us in our existence. This is just the way things work, and we don’t need to think about it.

We don’t have to think in order to see or hear. We just do it effortlessly. But everything else goes through our thoughts and our mind.

Before we do anything, we think, describe, conclude, predict, derive, etc. We are used to believing that everything that is done comes from the mind and thoughts.

But how seeing is done? How hearing is done? Sensing, touching, smelling? Those things are effortless, thoughtless.

We just notice what we want to sense, and we sense it immediately, no thoughts required. How does this work, we can’t explain.

Most things that people can’t explain, they call magic, or supernatural. We can observe how sight works, but we can’t explain how we control it by the power of will. Because what is will? It is not an actual measurable thing. So is it magic? … perhaps.

We can observe and see the logic of how things work, but we can’t explain why they work. What put it all in motion in the first place. What gave everything the first boost. What made everything tick and still continues to sustain that tick.  What turned it all to an on position? We might never know. All we can see is that everything is on. It all works, regardless of our thought and opinions. Our bodies with our senses, nature, people, the universe, everything is turned on, even our thoughts.

But here we are trying the best we can to turn them off, to turn off our minds, so we can peacefully relax just for a few minutes and get away from our thoughts.

Well, here is the thing, you don’t have to run away from your thoughts. Thoughts exist just like everything else, just like sight and hearing. The only difference is that we use thoughts to describe thoughts, and we get stuck in this infinite cycle.

When you realize that thought doesn’t require a description, just like sight doesn’t require one, you will become free of thinking. You will discover a natural ground that exists with everything else that exists. Consciousness, will, the true self – however, you choose to call it, it doesn’t matter. What does matter and is crucial to understand is as long as you insist on describing all you will experience is more thoughts and description.

Notice thoughts and make the intention that you are not interested in narrating what you notice. You are not interested in narrating life. Notice that everything already exists effortlessly without your chatter. Everything is here for you to show you that you too, can exist in peace without any mental effort.


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