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The God part of you

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Have you ever pondered about how you learned to breathe, to walk, to listen to a specific sound, to look in a particular direction?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Have you ever pondered about how you learned to breathe, to walk, to listen to a specific sound, to look in a particular direction?

Have you ever pondered about what part of you did the learning?

I’m not talking about the part that remembers or makes logical connections. I’m talking about the part that makes a preference of one thing over another. The part that is interested in something for whatever reason. The will that guides your attention, actions, thoughts, movement.

Our will is often affected by our previously selected choices and preferences such as what do I look for in a partner, what job I want, what clothes I like, what I like to eat, etc. Having preferences creates rules about how things should be. We all live within the boundaries of our created rules and those rules dictate what we can do, have or want.

When you imagine that everything is possible for you, your mind suddenly starts thinking about things you don’t usually think about. Things you used to dream about doing, that feel good and inspiring. When you imagine that all is possible, your consciousness is allowed to travel beyond the rules and beliefs created by your mind to places that make you feel good.

This usually doesn’t happen in everyday life because the will to think about our dreams is usually conflicted with our preferences to play it safe in life. Preferences that were born from fear to ensure our future.

If we are unsatisfied with our circumstances, feel trapped, limited to do what we want, it means that we substituted our will to imagine that everything is possible with rules that tell us otherwise. We decided that there are rules and conditions for our freedom.

Most people, at some point in life, begin to look for something they can fall back to before they can allow themselves to do something they truly want. Creating plan B, earning a certain amount of money, proving self-worth pushes us away from our true desires.

We fall into believing that things, people, and circumstances in our life are limiting us. If you are always focused on your inability to live the life you want, then you will never allow yourself to dream yourself out of your problems and limitations.

What stands in your way to listen to a specific sound or look in a particular direction, or take a deep breath?

– Nothing, unless you believe you are not allowed to.

How you breathe, hear or see you cannot explain, you can simply notice that you can do it by will, and nothing stands in your way. It all happens out of nothing.

The god part of you happens. The part that has a will to breathe and breathes. The part that wants to listen to a singing bird outside and hears it sing. The part that wants to look at the horizon to see the sunset and sees it.

The god part of you is uninterrupted and free. It is also not interrupting you to chose to believe that you are not free, that you are not good, that you are unworthy, that you are incapable, etc. Since it is so allowing and not interrupting, it is practically unnoticeable.

Think, how would you describe something that is all allowing and free, that has no boundaries? – You can’t describe it because if you try, you will do it by giving a meaning to it, using one perspective, one point of view.

Freedom doesn’t contain one point of view, it contains all of them at once without preference or order because it is all allowing. For one to explain freedom using words, one must speak of freedom from all points of view, and their number is infinite.

Words can only describe boundaries because words were created from noticing finite things. Things that have beginnings and ends, shapes, and colors.

You don’t need to look for the god part of you. The god part of you is the one that is looking.

The god part of you is always with you and always allowing you to make whatever preference you choose to. To believe whatever limitation you choose to.

If you are looking to find god in one shape or form, you won’t. The god part of you is not limited to one shape, form, path, or desire. It is free to desire anything, to be any shape or form. It is free to take any path it chooses.

If you truly allow yourself to be as you are, you will notice that god part in you.

The one which allows all shapes and forms to exist is in alliance/union with all the shapes and forms in all of existence. That one is all of existence itself.


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