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Can you feel it?

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Can you feel the power that is greater than you? The power that spawned life into everything and everyone, including you.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Can you feel the power that is greater than you? The power that spawned life into everything and everyone, including you. Can you compare yourself to that power? You can’t. You wouldn’t know where to begin. Can you take any credit for what is already in existence? You can’t. Because everything new you create was already there in some primitive shape or form. Believe it or not, that includes your thoughts and emotions. 

Thoughts are just an interpretation of the energies that you pick up from emotions that are already there. When you interpret emotions with your voice, you start believing every story you tell yourself simply because you recognize your own voice.

Emotions and thoughts that are there cannot be changed or destroyed. It is not up to us to change existence creations. However, it is up to us to shift our attention to our desires and passions. To pull the life we want into our minds and reality by choosing and making preferences.

If you think that you don’t have a choice, all that means is that you pick up on some existing energy. This energy is indestructible. So there is no reason to fight it or try to change it. That energy was also created by the power that is greater than you.

To connect or know that power is to get to know your true self. The self that comes before all the distractions that make you suffer or think about anything.

Many believe that it requires much time before one can return to knowing the true self. Understand that this is also a thought that comes from some form of energy, that is already floating in existence and is being picked up by your consciousness.

A power that gave birth to everything also gave birth to fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, frustration, depression, belief, and disbelief. Those energies exist because they were also created. That means that the power that created them is connected directly to them. Just as you are connected to that same power that created you.

Now, what does it all mean? It means that your connection to self is already there. It means that you are already connected to that power that is greater than you. Otherwise, you would not be here, and people wouldn’t be able to discover and feel that power. It also means that without that power, you wouldn’t be able to pick up on happiness or fear because everything is connected to the same source. So now, all you need to do is to pick up on what you want to experience. However, it is not so easy to do while your conciseness is focused on the energies that you don’t want.

Expressing and focusing all the time on what you don’t want keeps you connected to those energies.

One might think that in order to pull happiness or joy, you must go through great lengths. And this is true for most. People tend to draw their joy from the physical world from what they have in their lives. If what you physically have is not what you want, then it might take time for you to get what you want by doing physical work.

But if you understand that all those physical things do is make you feel, then you can bypass having things and pull directly the emotions and energies that you want to feel. 

As you already know by now, emotions are the ones that are interpreted using thought. If you feel good, you will think positive thoughts. Those thoughts might inspire you, excite you, give you new ideas on how you can get the physical stuff you want. 

But how can you attract those energies and emotions that feel good?

Again remember that you are already connected to the one that created everything, including you. You were not created to suffer. You were created to experience by preference. So choose to experience your own connection to that power. That connection is always accessible to you to experience and it is blissful. It doesn’t matter what you don’t have and what is going on in your life right now. All you need is to learn how to notice that connection once again.

Being curious about it will bring your consciousness closer to it because what you think about attracts appropriate energy.  This will allow you to open to reconnect or connect on a deeper level to what you want to discover.

Now, remember that the discovery of that connection does not require any effort, logic, or doing. Doing means that you are choosing something else to do or talk about, and you are pulling the energies that correspond to whatever you are trying to do or talk about.

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

It is difficult for people to relate to getting results without doing, thinking, or talking because this is how we got used to getting physical results. But in this case, all you require is an inquiry, a curiosity to allow your attention to fall on what is already there.

Understand that you cannot place your attention forcefully on something that is unseeable, untouchable, unsmellable, or experience the connection with any of the physical senses because the connection we want to experience is not physical.

So we must let our attention fall on something we currently have little or no recollection of.

Releasing our attention to free-fall means that we stop fighting our thoughts and emotions no matter what they are. We stop treating them as obstacles to our freedom and bliss. We must remember that it is not up to us to change anything it is only up to us to choose by making preferences where our attention goes.


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