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There is always room if you allow

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Understand that allowing change does not require any effort. The nature of life is constant change...

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When we suffer we think that there is no room for anything else to enter our experience. There is no room for compassion, forgiveness love or peace.

Often we try to make room by forcing the suffering out. Fighting, analyzing and concluding.

Our logical understanding of limits, beginnings and endings is what makes us think sometimes that our capacity to experience life is limited. We firmly believe that we are limited in our ability to allow, let go and feel.

How many times in your life did you feel that you’ve reached your emotional limit?

Limits exist only when we allow them to exist. Meaning, only when we choose to believe in limits we feel limited.

Consciousness is infinite. There is always room for love to enter our consciousness and change how we feel.

If you allow yourself to let go of forcing things out and trust that you can relax no matter what is going on in your life, you will witness how your suffering becomes a background noise to your presence and being in this moment. You’ll discover that you’re supported simply because you allowed yourself to be supported.

Understand that no effort is required for things to change or allowing things to change. The nature of life is constant change. Effort exists only when we focus and try to contain or preserve some state, circumstance, emotion, thought or belief.

Release yourself from the responsibility to preserve whatever thought or emotion that make you feel constrained or limited and change will happen by itself.


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