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How to begin “being”

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Language is the first barrier or thing that pushes us to believe we are something that we are not.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I am the – seeking, not the seeker.

I am the – doing, not the doer.

I am the – seeing, not the seer.

I am the – hearing, not the hearer.

I am the – smelling, not the smeller.

I am the – touching, not the toucher.

I am the – experiencing, not the experiencer.

I am the – being.

Language is the first barrier or thing that pushes us to believe we are something that we are not. We learn different definitions and labels from what we observe. However, most of the words we learn, don’t exist in actual life. At best, they represent some past existence or an idea, but most of the time, they are empty of “being” right now.

When you think about the word table, it is clear to you what it represents and means. You also might have a clear image or a feeling about it. But that image and feeling have nothing to do with the table existing physically.

Most thoughts we think about have no physical existence or being. Most of us, when we see a table, we immediately think about the word – table. The word table does not actually exist. It is the experiencing of the table that does exist.

To avoid misunderstanding, I’ll use the word “experiencing” and not “experience” because the word “experience” also implies past tense where the table might not exist.

We are experiencing a table that exists right now and now and now, and so on. An actual table, not a thought about a table, but an actual table will always be in a state of existing and being in every moment.

We label things, behaviors, people, situations, circumstances, and experience life using words in our minds. This way, we create a barrier of words and thoughts between ourselves and that which is existing and being right now.

A child unfamiliar with words, unlike the adult, has direct access to experiencing and enjoying the world as it is without judgment.

When you see an object such as a table, remind yourself that that object cannot be defined by a finite word because it continuously existing until it is transformed into something else that is continuously existing.

For example, let’s take the word – “sight.” We are continuously seeing. Seeing is the experiencing of sight even when we close our eyes. The same is with the word “table.” It would be more precise to refer to the experiencing of a table as “tabeling” since a table is continuously existing and being on its own.

The word table can be used when we remember or think about a non-specific or non-existing table in our experience right now. However, everything else that is specific should be referred to as experiencing or being.

If you’re still with me. I’d like to explain what it all has to do with knowing who we really are and understanding how we can experience being directly and not through words or thoughts.

Every time you seek “being” or the self, you identify yourself as the seeker in your thoughts. You distance yourself from experiencing “being” the same way you distance yourself from experiencing a table.

To experience “being”, you need to understand that you are not the seeker but the seeking itself.

If you think that your thoughts prevent you from being the self, you need to understand that you’re not the thinker of thoughts, you are the thinking itself.

If you think that you need to accomplish some level of spirituality or do something special. Remember that you are not the doer, you are the doing itself.

If you are looking for the right way “to be”, understand that you are already “being” in every moment, in every way.

The self is the being and the experiencing of everything. It does not stop, you do not stop. Only words and thoughts distance you from experiencing your true self right now.

All you need to do to experience the self is to focus on being and not how to be. It is very easy to do. In fact, it is effortless because you have no control over being or not. Just like you have no control, whether it is up to you to stop seeing.  Like it or not seeing and being are already happening effortlessly.

To focus on being, you need to be aware of where you are. Are you in your mind? Are you defining what you see? Are you judging yourself for having this experience? If you focus on knowing where you are, guess where you’ll end up being? – With your true self.

Sometimes keeping that focus is the difficult part. We are distracted by thoughts and emotions and we stay distracted. Being positive is challenging. You might say that things are going to be okay, but you won’t necessarily truly believe that.

In my next post, I’m going to talk about what we can rely on going forward towards enjoying life and being our true self. (subscribe below)


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