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We are alone

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There is a need that we all share and it is the need to feel safe and loved. When we think that satisfying that need is somehow not possible, we get lonely.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We seek protection from one another while fearing one another.

We seek love from one another while judging one another.

We seek empowerment from one another while competing and deceiving one another.

We seek trust from one another while doubting and second-guessing one another.

We seek a companion from one another while isolating from one another.

Each time we experience suffering, we associate it with something or someone that we believe is causing it. Then we try to distance ourselves further from what is causing us pain to protect ourselves. We even distance ourselves from ourselves when we suffer from our own thoughts, sometimes wanting to escape our human experience.

There is a need that we all share, and it is the need to feel safe and loved. When we think that satisfying that need is somehow not possible, we get lonely.

Loneliness feels bad because we learned to judge it. Society teaches us that it is difficult to survive on your own. Perhaps it was the case once upon a time when men needed to gather to hunt and survive. However, to this day, we still hold many social insecurities and fears about being alone.

The fact that you don’t see another body beside you doesn’t make you lonely. What makes you suffer from loneliness is that you believe that you need someone to make you feel safe and loved.

We believe in many conditions that stand between us and our ability to feel safe and loved, and one of those conditions is not being alone.

But If you drop all beliefs about loneliness, you can get a glimpse of the true nature of your existence. The sense of self-being, not depending on needing anything outside of yourself, comes from being “alone.”

Try to imagine for a few seconds that you are alone in the whole wide world, and see for yourself that there is a relief in that. There is freedom in that notion. Freedom from obligation. This shows that we have a choice fearing loneliness.

Knowing that every person on this planet that feels lonely is trying as hard as they can to fight it because they believe that their survival depends on it, makes me want to hug every single heart of each and every one of them.


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