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“Addictions are nothing more than repeated habits that are there to bring us some relief, however, with time we fall into believing that we no longer control our repeated habits, when that happens we start calling our habits, addiction. Giving a negative meaning to the thing that once gave us relief.”


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Lies, dishonesty, deceptions, broken promises – Why does it hurt?

Sometimes when we are lied to, we call it deception, disrespect, other times we call it a betrayal. Either way, you look at it, we feel hurt, and the reason we get hurt is that we depend on other people's opinions about us. And when we find out that our source of approval was dishonest we begin to question our own worthiness
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How much is enough?

The inner sense of satisfaction cannot be ever satisfied if it depends on the changing circumstance.When we seek to feel good about ourselves and look to get this feeling from the outside we fall into a trap. The problem with the outside is that it is always changing. So we find ourselves chasing what is always changing, never knowing how to stop because if we stop, what will make us feel good about ourselves? - You don't have to chase your happiness anymore.
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Me against myself

Why we are making ourselves do what we don’t feel like doing, most people do what they don’t want to do. Why we are ignoring our desires, feelings, suppressing ourĀ emotions with distractions and addictions? Competition. We compete with ourselves. At each given moment whether you’re aware of this or not, each of us has an Ideal, a goal, a short-term, or long-term goal with which we compete on a daily basis. We compete with…
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Who are you

Who’s moving your Body? Who’s taking it from a place to place? -The legs. Who is directing the legs where to go? Who’s smelling the flower? -The nose. Who’s pointing the nose to the flower and inhaling through the nose? Who is looking at the flower? -The eyes. Who’s focusing the eyes on the flower and looking at every color on it? Who is hearing the wind? -The ears. Who’s focusing to listen to the wind when…
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Break All Your Patterns

What it takes to change? What it takes to change your life? What it takes to change your attitude, your thoughts? What it takes to make that first step towards what you want? Why is it so difficult sometimes to start heading in the direction you want? Repetition is comfortable. Repetition is familiar and easy, it is even somewhat automated. But if you notice the repetition of whatever you dislike doing, saying, or thinking you can see that it is…