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F – face
E – everything
A – and
R – rise

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Again !!! Why ???

Recurring circumstance Do you notice a recurring circumstance or appearance in your life, that is followed by an emotion that you don’t like? Sometimes the emotion is so strong or uncomfortable, that we focus mainly on the disliking of the emotion itself the disliking of it being here, again. When will this thing leave me alone already! This upsetting, annoying thing doesn’t let me be, why doesn’t it leave me in peace?…
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Are you afraid of change?

Is it exciting to know that you haven’t arrived yet? That you have a journey ahead of you Full of adventure and excitement Unpredictable surprises Joy Discovery New wants Realizations Isn’t it exciting to know that you’re not there yet? Doesn’t that fill you up inside? Inspire you to look at what is ahead. Change is exciting. Change is discovery. You’re constantly changing from the inside and the outside.…
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Fear – if you run, it will stay

Can I escape my mind’s projection of the future based on what I already know? Do I want to escape? Do I fear? – Yes. I fear the projection because I believe it. Remind yourself. It is ok. It is here. What is already here, is inescapable. No point to run from fear. Notice the fear. Notice what it brings with it – emotions, memories, thoughts. All that is happening right now in your mind and body is inescapable. Be with what is, you…
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Why childhood was so awesome?

Why childhood was so awesome? Imagine no sense of time. You’re in eternity. Time has no meaning because it does not exist. Don’t need to be anywhere on time. Don’t need to finish anything in time. No time Infinity. Like being in a motionless space. Imagine no sense of ending or beginning becauseĀ there is no time. You can do what you want now or later. No pressure. Since there is no end because there is no time, there’sĀ…
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Why do I feel bad when others feel bad

The people we care about sometimes go thru emotions that we pick up such as Anger Sadness Irritations You might instantly feel bad about that person not feeling good. Why is that? You have a belief that Your loved one happiness has a direct effect on your happiness. Because their happiness is very important to you. As a result, you sacrifice your current state of being. By tuning to their state, because you actually believe that you could actually…
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Who is knocking on my door?

Who is knocking on my door? Is it you weakness that I despise … It is me Is it you fear that I ignore … It is me Is it you love that I fear … It is me Is it you impatience that I can’t stand … It is me Is it you anger that I hate … It is me Who is holding that door shut? … It is me Who is knocking on my door? … It is me It’s just me asking for compassion from myself Yours truly, Boris…
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What is your source of safety ?

Is this ok Is that ok Thinking you’re being polite? Or being cautious? Looking for approval Anywhere you can get it Can this approve of me Can that approve of me Is this ok Is that ok Approval. For me, it was when I got scared of being yelled at for doing something that someone else disapproved. That, someone, was very important to me. It was my source of safety. When your source of safety stops working. You fear for survival. You would do anything…
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Who’s awake ?

Your state is Bliss Everything else you notice is a result of what you’ve learned. What you’ve thought would benefit you. Things like Being safe Being good Not being afraid Not being a failure Getting to the state of Bliss is easy if you drop your interest in other things. But when you’re aware of other things sometimes you find that you can’t drop them All these things that you are aware of, they take all your attention…