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“We spend most of our lives working to provide for ourselves, to achieve something, competing, accepting authority. Dealing with emotional issues that concern us at a workplace, is never easy. Ignoring how we feel or blaming our jobs for the way we feel never helps and only postpones the real solution to our problem”


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I can’t make a choice

Not being able to make up my mind. To make a decision or a choice that needs to be made. Feeling trapped, any decision I try to make is not to my satisfaction. This feeling of stuckness and stagnation comes from fear. When we fear the consequences that might come up as a result of making a choice. We stop ourselves. Choice is freedom, by not making any choice, we limit our freedom. Therefore feeling stuck in one place. Wanting to move but we can’t.…
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I’m stuck

Motionless. Imagine that you are motionless. You see life as it passes by. Do you agonize, blame, regret being motionless. Or do you enjoy the things you are able to enjoy? Usually, we stop enjoying life the minute we turn our attention from it. To our thoughts or someone else’s life. Thinking about what we don’t have in our life. What others have and we don’t. We make ourselves motionless. By noticing what is missing. Well,…
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Why I’m unhappy.

We are so used to living life by knowing what is good and what is bad. What should we trust and what should we fear. Often our lives are driven by negativity. We take action as a result of avoiding something, fearing something, running from something and ignoring everything that is negative in our minds interpretation, into what seems to be positive. We seek pride to avoid shame. Strive to win to avoid losing. Look for safety because we fear danger.…
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Living faster than life

We’re always looking for something that isn’t here yet. Always in expectation. In restlessness waiting anticipating Constantly checking to validate that what I want is already here now. But it’s not. Because I’m not here. I’m in my mind’s constant anticipation. I keep checking. In five minutes. In ten minutes. In a minute. In an hour. Every morning. Every day. Checking for what is not here yet. That…
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Can I schedule life for later ?

The sooner I reach my goals the sooner my life will begin The real life The fun life The abundant life This is my belief But life is now And now And now No matter what I think or do No matter what I accept or not If I judge or not If I’m ignorant or aware Fun or boring Irritated or in comfort It’s all a part of life Life never stops for me I can’t press pause on life and resume it after I reach my destination. Life will never wait for me to accomplish…
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You need you, first.

What do you need right now Ask yourself What do I need right now The answer is always I need me. If you think that you need something else. You are driven by lack. Lack of love Money Worthiness Security Certainty Stuff. All these things are a product of your mind. Your observation of the world. Circumstance, people, and whatever appears on your life’s path. You’re driven by something that you think is missing in your life when you look…
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Again !!! Why ???

Recurring circumstance Do you notice a recurring circumstance or appearance in your life, that is followed by an emotion that you don’t like? Sometimes the emotion is so strong or uncomfortable, that we focus mainly on the disliking of the emotion itself the disliking of it being here, again. When will this thing leave me alone already! This upsetting, annoying thing doesn’t let me be, why doesn’t it leave me in peace?…
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Are you afraid of change?

Is it exciting to know that you haven’t arrived yet? That you have a journey ahead of you Full of adventure and excitement Unpredictable surprises Joy Discovery New wants Realizations Isn’t it exciting to know that you’re not there yet? Doesn’t that fill you up inside? Inspire you to look at what is ahead. Change is exciting. Change is discovery. You’re constantly changing from the inside and the outside.…
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How many times you stopped?

How many times? Can you count the number of your heart beats since the day you were born? Can you count the number of breaths you took since you were born? The number of steps you took? The number of words you learned? The number of thoughts you thought? The number of times you stopped, to appreciate the number of breaths, steps, words, and thoughts? How many times did you worry about others opinion of you? How many times did you worry about your opinion…