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“We spend most of our lives working to provide for ourselves, to achieve something, competing, accepting authority. Dealing with emotional issues that concern us at a workplace, is never easy. Ignoring how we feel or blaming our jobs for the way we feel never helps and only postpones the real solution to our problem”


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Can I schedule life for later ?

The sooner I reach my goals the sooner my life will begin The real life The fun life The abundant life This is my belief But life is now And now And now No matter what I think or do No matter what I accept or not If I judge or not If I’m ignorant or aware Fun or boring Irritated or in comfort It’s all a part of life Life never stops for me I can’t press pause on life and resume it after I reach my destination. Life will never wait for me to accomplish…
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You need you, first.

What do you need right now Ask yourself What do I need right now The answer is always I need me. If you think that you need something else. You are driven by lack. Lack of love Money Worthiness Security Certainty Stuff. All these things are a product of your mind. Your observation of the world. Circumstance, people, and whatever appears on your life’s path. You’re driven by something that you think is missing in your life when you look…
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Again !!! Why ???

Recurring circumstance Do you notice a recurring circumstance or appearance in your life, that is followed by an emotion that you don’t like? Sometimes the emotion is so strong or uncomfortable, that we focus mainly on the disliking of the emotion itself the disliking of it being here, again. When will this thing leave me alone already! This upsetting, annoying thing doesn’t let me be, why doesn’t it leave me in peace?…
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Are you afraid of change?

Is it exciting to know that you haven’t arrived yet? That you have a journey ahead of you Full of adventure and excitement Unpredictable surprises Joy Discovery New wants Realizations Isn’t it exciting to know that you’re not there yet? Doesn’t that fill you up inside? Inspire you to look at what is ahead. Change is exciting. Change is discovery. You’re constantly changing from the inside and the outside.…
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How many times you stopped?

How many times? Can you count the number of your heart beats since the day you were born? Can you count the number of breaths you took since you were born? The number of steps you took? The number of words you learned? The number of thoughts you thought? The number of times you stopped, to appreciate the number of breaths, steps, words, and thoughts? How many times did you worry about others opinion of you? How many times did you worry about your opinion…
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I don’t know what I want

I don’t know what I want to do Do you feel free? No Then you are not free to do what you want You want to feel free. Do you feel happy? No Then you won’t be happy no matter what you do You want to feel happy Do you feel safe? No Then you won’t feel safe doing anything You want to feel safe Do you feel that you love and care about yourself? No Then no matter what you’ll do you’ll only run from yourself from your freedom from your…
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You don’t need a reason to feel like sh!t

You don’t need a reason You don’t need a meaning Because sometimes you feel like shit without a reason. Without a meaning Without understanding or knowing What is going on with you You just feel heavy A burden Lack of mood Just because… Like sitting in a puddle. You’re wet You’re uncomfortable You’re cold But you got used to sitting in a puddle Got used to the cold To being wet To the shitty feeling You sit…
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Feels like success

Doing for the sake of getting results. Living in gaps of success, while most of the time spent in between the gaps in misery. Liking success doesn’t mean that you like what you’re doing Success is nice but for how long that feeling lasts? That feeling of accomplishment? The satisfaction of finishing something? Being proud of what we’ve done. We try to somehow prolong that feeling. Showing what we did to others. Get their…
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Take time to be in this moment right now

Stressing about being on time. There is not enough time Being on time Accomplishing things on time. Accumulating enough in time. Before it’s too late. Before time runs out. Saving time. Making the best out of time. Irritated about all the circumstances that have time constraints. If only I had this or that, I wouldn’t be stressed about time I would be free to enjoy life. How do I get that? When will I get that? What do I need to do to get…