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Let there be MAGIC

It has been a while since I’ve written anything, so I thought about writing something. But nothing interesting or new has appeared that is worth writing about. Appeared. What a funny word. Guess I’m going to write about stuff that appears. Stuff like thoughts, emotions, circumstance. Our daily changing reality appears around and inside of us in different shapes and colors. The minute we open our eyes something appears. Thoughts…
Meditation Personal Growth

Floating – Meditation

I’m floating. Since I’m floating I do not need to hold on to anything. Not even a thought. I don’t require a concept that will tell me who I am, because I don’t want to hold onto a concept that will limit my freedom of floating. I’m unbound, unchained from everything that I think I’m bound to. It is scary sometimes to find yourself, like this. Unattached. But then you discover that you’re still here.…
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You are allowed – Activation Meditation

Ask your self What do I need right now What do I need To be right now In this moment Do I need to do something? In order to be right now What do I need to think about So I can be at this moment? Do I need to figure things out? So I can be at this moment. What are the requirements for me being right now in this moment? There are None. You can relax into knowing that there are no requirements at all for being in this moment. You’re already in this moment with…