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“It seems that the problems we have with money are about not having enough money, getting more money, or giving money. But it is not about that. It is about the relationship we have with money. Like with everything in life, we have feelings and beliefs about money. If we avoid those feelings and beliefs, we end up seeing ourselves as victims in a circumstance revolving around money.”


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How much is enough?

The inner sense of satisfaction cannot be ever satisfied if it depends on the changing circumstance.When we seek to feel good about ourselves and look to get this feeling from the outside we fall into a trap. The problem with the outside is that it is always changing. So we find ourselves chasing what is always changing, never knowing how to stop because if we stop, what will make us feel good about ourselves? - You don't have to chase your happiness anymore.
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Everybody thinks to themselves - I know the person that I am, I know myself better than anyone else, you can't tell me something about myself that I don't already know. Well, I'm here to tell you that the majority of people don't know themselves completely. In fact, they spend most of their lives refusing to get to know themselves, and here is why.
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What about now?

Just the other day I was watching a video by Jason Silva on Facebook in which he was talking about learning. Jason was talking about two forms of acquiring knowledge from an article he read by a famous philosopher who described the way we learn. The first way we learn is by description and the second way we learn is by acquaintance or experience. That got me thinking about the decisions we make in life regarding what to do with our lives. Young people…
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Everything Works

If life is a stream of passing events how come we spend most of our lives looking to reach some event, isn’t that obvious that once we reach it, that event will be washed away by the stream simply because of the nature of the stream, leaving us again in uncertainty. A change in perception must be made in order to change our attitude towards the stream of life. If a stream is a series of events then it must be treated as such. But unfortunately,…
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What’s in your way

It also seems that a need is stronger than a want. Whenever I feel that I need something it is usually backed up by a strong argument or a belief. I may want this or that and I may want something strong enough to go for it, but it will never compare to a desire of absolutely needing something. Ask yourself what do I want, the answer could be anything, love, money, peace, etc. Now, compare between two feelings, the first one is wanting what you want and…
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The price of Freedom

When was the last time you were Innocent, Vulnerable, Faithful, Courageous, Trusting? We sacrifice Innocence for suspicion, Vulnerability for boundaries, Faith for fear, Courage for routine, Trust for securities. And then we find ourselves waking up to misery and sadness in our lives. The path we walk on becomes as narrow as a tightrope. Any slight diversion from the path is causing us pain, fear, and suffering. But if we’re lucky,…
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To the drifter in time Explorer of thought Discoverer of emotion Of thrill Of Happiness Of Sadness Of Life and Death Of Compassion Of Gratitude Of Humility Of Love You are the adventurer of all there is to experience, everything that is eternal and finite. What makes you curious is your child’s innocence. You are the preserver of life because you want it to last. What makes you human is your courageous, loving and fearful heart. When you…
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Having vs Owning

When you treat things or circumstance you have in your life as though you own them, eventually, you will take those things for granted. Having the mentality of owning things results in attachment, responsibility, and worry to those things you think you own. Ask yourself what do I think I own? and see how much effort, worry, and┬áresponsibility it takes owning that. It could be your house, car, relationship, job, money. If you ditch the mentality…
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Are you happy?

Are you happy? What is happiness for you? Happiness has many interpretations. You might be happy with your job, relationships, finance, health, mood, etc. It could be one or the other. You can’t really measure happiness. Some will look at their current circumstance to asses their happiness and some will look at their past achievements to do the same. In both cases, an attempt is made to asses something and come to a conclusion about happiness.…
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What defines me?

What defines me? Is it the place I live in? Is it the people I know? Is it the money I earn? Is it the feelings I feel? Is it the thoughts I think? Is it the body I have? Is it the food I eat? Is it the lifestyle I live? – None of these things define me. I have no definition. Because I am not constant unless I chose to be. I am not one particular thing unless I chose to be. I am not this or that, I am not a quality, a description, a mood or an appearance. You can…