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“It seems that the problems we have with money are about not having enough money, getting more money, or giving money. But it is not about that. It is about the relationship we have with money. Like with everything in life, we have feelings and beliefs about money. If we avoid those feelings and beliefs, we end up seeing ourselves as victims in a circumstance revolving around money.”


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There is no point stressing about anything

Look at your life right now. See the things that you have and accomplished. See the things that you like in your life right now. Your relationships, your family, your car, whatever. Take your time to remember the moment that you didn’t have these things and only wished for them to be. Remember yourself at that moment. Realize that the things you wanted are now, here. But in the moment of their appearance in your life, You didn’t do…
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Can I schedule life for later ?

The sooner I reach my goals the sooner my life will begin The real life The fun life The abundant life This is my belief But life is now And now And now No matter what I think or do No matter what I accept or not If I judge or not If I’m ignorant or aware Fun or boring Irritated or in comfort It’s all a part of life Life never stops for me I can’t press pause on life and resume it after I reach my destination. Life will never wait for me to accomplish…
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Believing is Knowing

You don’t care you’re breathing You don’t care you’re moving You don’t care you’re seeing or hearing You don’t care you’re feeling You don’t care you have food to eat You don’t care you have clothes to wear You don’t care you have a bed to sleep You don’t care you have a mind to think You don’t care you have money to pay the bills You don’t care you have…