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“How we see ourselves, other people and the world is what determines the emotional experiences we’re having. By growing spiritually we have the opportunity to alter our experience and bring more happiness into our lives.”


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Escaping myself The truth What I feel Into addictions Gratification Of physical state Of Emotion Grabbing whatever There is Unknowingly Not Deliberately From habit From pattern From Discomfort From Unease To get … Relief Grabbing whatever there is Just to feel better right now. Don’t care what it is or What it means. Stop.♥️ Before you grab that something and escape into relief. Your fake momentary relief. Just stop and observe…
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What is Meditation

Shapes colors and sounds This is what our experience consists of. On an everyday basis, we’re noticing shapes colors and sounds Like in a movie theater. They reach our body’s sensors So we can have an experience Emotional experience and physical experience. Our body’s sensors work automatically without our effort. Seeing, hearing, smelling etc. It is where we put our attention that makes our experience happen. Relax…
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We are multidimensional

We are multidimensional – Body consciousnesses Did you ever walked into a bedroom not knowing what for? after a few seconds… yeah right socks. who or what brought you from the living room to the bedroom? who was in control of moving your body? ever fell into deep thought while eating. after a minute, realizing that you finished eating. without even noticing. who or what was feeding you? being in control of putting food into your…
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We often easily mistake our thoughts with our will. Since all day we are busy thinking we are also expressing our will in our thoughts. Narrating to ourselves what we want. I will have this breakfast I want to go there I will watch this show We do this without saying a word. In our minds We are telling ourselves little stories of what we want. With our thoughts. Creating the illusion that our will is in our thoughts. What do you want? Well, 🤔 let me THINK…
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What is your source of safety ?

Is this ok Is that ok Thinking you’re being polite? Or being cautious? Looking for approval Anywhere you can get it Can this approve of me Can that approve of me Is this ok Is that ok Approval. For me, it was when I got scared of being yelled at for doing something that someone else disapproved. That, someone, was very important to me. It was my source of safety. When your source of safety stops working. You fear for survival. You would do anything…