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“How we see ourselves, other people and the world is what determines the emotional experiences we’re having. By growing spiritually we have the opportunity to alter our experience and bring more happiness into our lives.”


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Emotions have no preference

Words describing emotions are real. Circumstances that trigger emotions are real. Emotions are real because we feel them physically. We don’t like the negative emotions, But love the positive emotions. Ignoring the circumstance that brings unpleasant emotions. Go around them as if they are obstacles, blocking your path. Do it long enough, and all you’ll see is obstacles around you, leaving you no choice but to move in a circle…
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I appear to circumstance the same way it appears to me

I am not depended on the outcome of this appearance. Me, being, is not depended on any outcome. It feels like being a kid again when everything around is happening without my intervention or attention. Appearance doesn’t require my attention or intervention. Doesn’t depend on what I say or do. Doesn’t depend on me. As well as I’m not depending on it. What it presents to me. Me being myself does not depend on any appearance.…
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Take a breath. Do you know what you just did? Do you know how you did it? You didn’t think about how to do it You didn’t need to figure it out You just did it You control it and yet most of the time you’re unaware of it. What do you call something that works for you without your awareness? Something that you don’t know how it works and yet you can control it when you wish to. Magic? What about the rest of your body? You’re…
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Controlling life

LIFE The more you disagree with it The more you seek to control it The more you seek to control it The more you tie yourself to it The more you tie yourself to it The stronger you grip on to it The stronger you grip on to it The harder it gets letting go The harder it gets letting go The more you get scared of it The more you fear it The more you try to control it … You were never supposed to control it. Yours truly, Boris…
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This is boring. Nothing interests me. Seen this. Done that. Stop concluding. There is no need to conclude the mood the thought the weather. Nobody asked you to. You have no obligation to do it. You’re not paid for it. What is boring is the focus that this is boring. The conclusive thought that’s whats boring. The thought that life has nothing to offer. What is more boring than that? Yours truly, Boris…
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Clearing thoughts

Clearing thoughts Is a thought Trying to clear itself. When the effort to clear all thoughts comes from thought. It is impossible to do. You’re attempting to clear the very same thing you are focused upon. A thought that is trying to clear itself. Chose intention instead. The intention is not a thought. It is before a thought. It is when you want something and you didn’t express your opinion about it to yourself, yet. You didn’t…