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“How we see ourselves, other people and the world is what determines the emotional experiences we’re having. By growing spiritually we have the opportunity to alter our experience and bring more happiness into our lives.”


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Allow yourself to be free

Allow yourself to be free from the effort to change what is bothering you Strain comes from effort that is unnatural to your flow. Trying to solve things that bother you cause heaviness and strain. Observe the now What is happening now What thoughts What worries What strain What burden Observe the attention you give to these things Observe the control you are trying to have over all these things. Observe the effort it takes from you to manage these…
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The need to fix something

There is no need To conclude To make wise notions – Of reality Of thought Of Feelings Of condition Of circumstances Of mood There is no need to experience that. Although it is a given possibility. Experience only the base Experience life without meaning or word. You are free from making this effort of conclusion. Nothing will be missing if you just stop concluding. As everything is to your service. Stop fixing things. Stop thinking that…
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Everything is relevant

“Everything that comes up is relevant No matter what is your opinion about it” Everything that comes up is relevant. Instead of ignoring Changing the subject Jumping to the next thing Jumping to the next thought Continuing whatever you’re doing   Embrace That what is right now is relevant for you right now. Say – it is relevant for me. Be with it. Whatever it is. Since it is relevant it is here to serve you. No matter…
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Take time to be in this moment right now

Stressing about being on time. There is not enough time Being on time Accomplishing things on time. Accumulating enough in time. Before it’s too late. Before time runs out. Saving time. Making the best out of time. Irritated about all the circumstances that have time constraints. If only I had this or that, I wouldn’t be stressed about time I would be free to enjoy life. How do I get that? When will I get that? What do I need to do to get…
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Thoughts like vines growing together intertwine support each other feed from the images, sounds and bodily emotion. Cover up the vision, cover up the truth. Their stems connected and you cannot see the end of them. You do not need to find the end of them. You do not need to seek a way to destroy the vine. Just watch it flow gracefully as you stay in the silence of your being. Being the almighty graceful Good king that spreads mercy and compassion.…
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Intentions With Meaning

It is ok It is allowed It is here and now Observe acknowledge validate what is. Try doing this without words or thoughts. There is no effort in doing so. There is – No one to blame Not even myself The now is here not to be – Evaluated Judged Compared Or blamed It simply came into existence. Like a child. The now is here In order to be here Not more Not less It has no effort in being here. It is here to be experienced and acknowledged As everything…
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Making Up Permissions

Trying to be somewhere Reach a goal A place A target To be better To be better at something To be different I’m not like him or her I’m different I’m better… If I’m not then I’m just like anyone else. Unnoticed God forbids… I strive to be different In constant effort to be different How does this benefit me? Why do I care about being different? What does it mean to be different? Yeah… Not as everybody…