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“We inspire to surround ourselves with people that can give us affection and love because we want to feel loved. Whether we’re looking to escape loneliness or to find happiness with someone, we’re faced with challenges that sometimes are beyond our emotional capacity or understanding. As a result, we abandon relationships, have difficulties starting ones or give up on being in a relationship completely.”


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Many times we get lost trying to help ourselves, heal, find happiness, freedom, peace. It seems that we've looked in all the possible places for solutions to our problems. Most people perceive their unhappiness, limitations, worries as problems, that they need to fix. Never really getting to know the one that suffers. But the one that suffers, is only looking for you to listen.
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We take sides, looking at ourselves, others and life through our points of view. But do we need points of view to live our lives? Life is there regardless of our perspectives or points of view. Our points of view are merely the windows through which we choose to see life at a certain angle. But why limit yourself to a certain angle when you can see the whole picture.