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“We inspire to surround ourselves with people that can give us affection and love because we want to feel loved. Whether we’re looking to escape loneliness or to find happiness with someone, we’re faced with challenges that sometimes are beyond our emotional capacity or understanding. As a result, we abandon relationships, have difficulties starting ones or give up on being in a relationship completely.”


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We take sides, looking at ourselves, others and life through our points of view. But do we need points of view to live our lives? Life is there regardless of our perspectives or points of view. Our points of view are merely the windows through which we choose to see life at a certain angle. But why limit yourself to a certain angle when you can see the whole picture.
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How much is enough?

The inner sense of satisfaction cannot be ever satisfied if it depends on the changing circumstance.When we seek to feel good about ourselves and look to get this feeling from the outside we fall into a trap. The problem with the outside is that it is always changing. So we find ourselves chasing what is always changing, never knowing how to stop because if we stop, what will make us feel good about ourselves? - You don't have to chase your happiness anymore.
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Trusting Life

Many times in spirituality we hear that one has to have faith and trust life to take care of everything. But we don't trust life, and rightfully so. Because how can we, most of our life we spend preparing for the worst and fearing the worst.With that said I also understand that there is no point in living life unless there is an element of surprise present in life. Surely I want to be surprised and to trust life but I want it to be surprised by the good surprises, I want the good stuff. You know?!
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Having vs Owning

When you treat things or circumstance you have in your life as though you own them, eventually, you will take those things for granted. Having the mentality of owning things results in attachment, responsibility, and worry to those things you think you own. Ask yourself what do I think I own? and see how much effort, worry, and┬áresponsibility it takes owning that. It could be your house, car, relationship, job, money. If you ditch the mentality…
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Everything Heals

Everything heals when we stop. If we stop polluting, the Earth will heal, the oceans will heal, forests will heal. When we stop hurting one another our souls will heal. When we will stop hurting ourselves mentally our minds and bodies will heal. Everything in the universe, when left to its own device, is constantly trying to find balance and heal. The Earths atmosphere, nature, our bodies and of course our minds are trying to find balance. The…
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Are you happy?

Are you happy? What is happiness for you? Happiness has many interpretations. You might be happy with your job, relationships, finance, health, mood, etc. It could be one or the other. You can’t really measure happiness. Some will look at their current circumstance to asses their happiness and some will look at their past achievements to do the same. In both cases, an attempt is made to asses something and come to a conclusion about happiness.…
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Why are we bothered?

Is something bothering you? What is bothering you? Are things not to your liking? Are you disappointed by something? If you are bothered by something that means you feel threatened by it. I know that’s a bold statement, and you might be bothered by it, but try to stay with me as I break it down. We are bothered because we cling our happiness on something that is outside of us, you might have expectations of something or someone to make you feel…
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The quickest way to happiness

The quickest way to happiness is to let things be as they are. If you don’t fight anything Don’t object to anything You won’t find yourself trying to fix anything One of the main difficulties in letting things be as they are – is the illusion of control. We actually believe that we have control over things. We believe that we are responsible for the consequences of our actions and thus we are able to control those consequences.…
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Choosing what I want to see

The images that you see are your life Images that you see when you wake up Go outside Go to work Go to eat Go to sleep Go to your mind Look in the mirror Feel your emotions The images are your thoughts, beliefs, wants, feelings, the world They are all passing images. Passing thoughts Passing emotions. You place your attention on all these images. But when you’re not, the images are not there, you don’t see them. You are managing all the…
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Money Peace Happiness

Do you worry about money? Do you want more money? How much money is enough money? If you had to name a figure that could satisfy you, what would that figure be? Would you stop worrying if you had that figure? Or would you worry running out of money? Peace of mind won’t come from your bank account balance. Peace of mind is a mindset. It is not feedback you get from what is already there. It is something you choose to create in every moment. What relationship…