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“We inspire to surround ourselves with people that can give us affection and love because we want to feel loved. Whether we’re looking to escape loneliness or to find happiness with someone, we’re faced with challenges that sometimes are beyond our emotional capacity or understanding. As a result, we abandon relationships, have difficulties starting ones or give up on being in a relationship completely.”


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Why do I feel bad when others feel bad

The people we care about sometimes go thru emotions that we pick up such as Anger Sadness Irritations You might instantly feel bad about that person not feeling good. Why is that? You have a belief that Your loved one happiness has a direct effect on your happiness. Because their happiness is very important to you. As a result, you sacrifice your current state of being. By tuning to their state, because you actually believe that you could actually…
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You don’t need a reason to feel like sh!t

You don’t need a reason You don’t need a meaning Because sometimes you feel like shit without a reason. Without a meaning Without understanding or knowing What is going on with you You just feel heavy A burden Lack of mood Just because… Like sitting in a puddle. You’re wet You’re uncomfortable You’re cold But you got used to sitting in a puddle Got used to the cold To being wet To the shitty feeling You sit…
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You cannot be more than what you already are right now

No matter what is here What you feel What is around you What is inside of you You cannot be more than what you already are. All that you hate All that you want and can’t have right now All your efforts to be something you’re not right now All your attention to what you’re not right now All your regrets All your sorrows All your yesterday’s and all your tomorrow’s All of your hopes and dreams that make you sad All your…
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What is your attention grabber?

The thought is like the body, not real, dreamed of. You can focus your attention on either one. And for that second of attention one will disappear from your awareness while the other will stay. Everything is equal to your attention to your awareness. To which direction you will turn your attention that is what you’ll see, that will be your reality for that moment. But your attention is biased by your, mind body and emotions. Each one of…
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The need to fix something

There is no need To conclude To make wise notions – Of reality Of thought Of Feelings Of condition Of circumstances Of mood There is no need to experience that. Although it is a given possibility. Experience only the base Experience life without meaning or word. You are free from making this effort of conclusion. Nothing will be missing if you just stop concluding. As everything is to your service. Stop fixing things. Stop thinking that…
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Be At Peace With Everything

Sometimes we think that in order to get what we want, To to be what we want to be. To feel what we want to feel. We need to fix something first. Our health, our finance, our relationships. Our true desire is immediately substituted with the need to fix something. Our mind always looking to fix that something that we think is in the way, of what we want. So we are constantly looking to fix something. Replacing our true desire with the need to fix something.…