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Box of Toys

At some point or another, we all depend on someone to love us, appreciate us, spend time with us. How else would we know that we are good unless we are judged by someone else's standards? Later adopting these standards as our own and secretly judging ourselves, our past, our future, our present, in our thoughts
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What you’ve got?

We surround ourselves with obligations, contracts, promises that we're afraid to break. What others would think, would I be able to survive or ask for help if I change? Questions of this sort scare us from even beginning thinking about change. Things like pride, status, disappointing others, scare us and we do not dare to explore why. Declaring instant defeat to fear. We'll do anything not to feel vulnerable. Otherwise, the image that we've created might crumble and nothing will remain of us.
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True Being

Awareness is the chooser of reality, of focus. When you are living an experience that you don’t like, you are quickly choosing something else and when that something else doesn’t bring you the peace you want, you focus on that. We are quick to focus our attention on whatever is next. A relief, an expectation of relief, the failure of the coming relief, the going of the relief. Peace is not found in “something”. Peace…