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My Source Of Approval

What approves of me? What allows me to be and to do what I want? We often get stuck by our own created rules of disapproval of ourselves. What we can and can’t do, what is allowed and not allowed. We never stop to ponder about the mental obstacles that we call rules, obligations, social norms and agreements. What and who approves of our choices and desires? Yours truly, Boris. Advertisements __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags-1-5dea9a028941d',…
Personal Growth Videos

Discovering Being With Self

On what should you focus on when trying to be with yourself? When looking for a relief, for peace of mind. We often get distracted by the seeking itself, the effort, the expectation for a certain experience of peace. Try to tune in between the spoken words in this video, to get a sense of what is it like to be with self, and try to mimic it sensually like a child mimics the world they experience. Yours truly, Boris.…
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Pull yourself back to life in 20 seconds

Usually during our awakening process, during our return to ourselves, to who we really are. We find ourselves fighting for who we really are. Fighting for peace, fighting for happiness, for ease, calmness, for that relaxed state of mind. The fighting is a consequence of our current state that we don’t accept in ourselves. This is no different from fighting anything else that you dislike in your life. In both scenarios, you’re…