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Intentions With Meaning

It is ok It is allowed It is here and now Observe acknowledge validate what is. Try doing this without words or thoughts. There is no effort in doing so. There is – No one to blame Not even myself The now is here not to be – Evaluated Judged Compared Or blamed It simply came into existence. Like a child. The now is here In order to be here Not more Not less It has no effort in being here. It is here to be experienced and acknowledged As everything…
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Making Up Permissions

Trying to be somewhere Reach a goal A place A target To be better To be better at something To be different I’m not like him or her I’m different I’m better… If I’m not then I’m just like anyone else. Unnoticed God forbids… I strive to be different In constant effort to be different How does this benefit me? Why do I care about being different? What does it mean to be different? Yeah… Not as everybody…
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Be At Peace With Everything

Sometimes we think that in order to get what we want, To to be what we want to be. To feel what we want to feel. We need to fix something first. Our health, our finance, our relationships. Our true desire is immediately substituted with the need to fix something. Our mind always looking to fix that something that we think is in the way, of what we want. So we are constantly looking to fix something. Replacing our true desire with the need to fix something.…