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At any point in our lives, we can define the most dominant issue that we suffer from mentally or emotionally. That one thing that gets us and we struggle to deal with. It might be a career challenge, a relationship problem, health issue, financial struggle, an addiction or spiritual growth issue.

You already know the problems that you’re facing, but you might struggle to deal with them. If you’re looking to set yourself free by expanding your understanding about what really prevents you from being happy, you have come to the right place.

Start by following the categories on this website that correspond with that dominant issue in your life right now that you seek to resolve, to heal, or to understand. If you find yourself unable to pick a category start from Personal Growth or search for what you’re looking for.

The content on this site is not your traditional teachings, or instructions, that tell you what you need or should do to fix a problem. The guidance that is offered here is presented in a holistic nature. Holistic means complete, addressing all of our being which is mind, body, and heart. With that said nothing here comes as certified professional advice so use your best judgment before trying anything.

A friendly note

We all would like to think that we understand everything that is happening in our lives. But persisting on having it under control, is one of the first indications of our unwillingness to understand something beyond our comfort zone. Persistence sometimes comes out as arrogance or a defense mechanism that protects one’s pride to be right at all cost. Be sincere with yourself before anything else.

All our problems and suffering come from our inability to see the truth, and that is not our fault because since day one we were fed one truth or another. But as you know, there is only one truth by definition.

For example, if you believe that you need something to make you happy, just know that somewhere in the world, there is a person already having that something that you want, and that person is miserable.

The truth that you have about being happy does not make everyone happy. Therefore it is not the truth, it is merely a belief. Beliefs change from one person to another. While one believes that wealth will make him happy, the other believes that a bride will make him happy. They both may find themselves unhappy having what they want.

That of course, shouldn’t discourage you from getting what you want. Just know that you don’t have to wait for something to be happy or free. If you sincerely seek for the real reasons for your unhappiness, you will find that the truth will set you free and make you happy even before you have what you want.