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The disapproval that we feel towards ourselves or others is often followed by a forceful attempt to accept what is for the sake of feeling better or preserving peace. Even though we might disagree with our parents, partners, friends, children, we often will choose not to engage in an argument despite the way we feel.
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You already know how to solve your problems

What’s the problem? It’s not my problem. Where is the problem? There is no problem. How often when things don’t work out, you categorize them as problems? Thinking in terms of problems and solving problems. How often do you find yourself restless just because there is this something that needs to be solved? Don’t worry there is a solution to any problem, that’s what they say. But is there really a problem to…
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I’m always going through something

Sometimes it might seem that we’re going through something. Some difficult phase. Going through breakup, divorce, headache, disease, some kind of disturbance. Going through pain, sadness, depression. The words going through suggest subliminally that something is off right now and I’m waiting to get back to my normal state of being. I used to think every time when I was going through something that something was wrong therefore…
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Accepting emotions

An important step in healing is to allow yourself to feel your emotions. But sometimes we get caught up in noticing our emotions. We notice what we feel and how bad it feels, we continue to notice the time that passed since we are feeling these emotions, starting to develop thoughts whether these emotions are going away or they are here to stay. Wondering whether our condition is ever going to change. Basically, we think that we allow ourselves…