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We are Visitors

We have this feeling of relief, when we’re visiting our family or staying at someone’s house for a couple of days, or when we’re staying at a hotel or any place for that matter that is not our home. Once we arrive at a place like this, we feel relieved in a certain way from certain things. We are relieved because we know that our basic needs are taken care of, such as food and a place to sleep. Usually, we would need to make our own food,…
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Why I can’t have what I want

What I have right now is what I imagined was possible for me to have in the past. What I will have in the future is what I imagine now is possible for me to have in the future. I’m the one limiting myself I’m the one setting boundaries And believing in them Believing how much I deserve How much I worth Measuring my worthiness By looking at what I have And what I don’t Mostly at what I don’t Looking for a way to get what I want And…
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Why do I feel bad when others feel bad

The people we care about sometimes go thru emotions that we pick up such as Anger Sadness Irritations You might instantly feel bad about that person not feeling good. Why is that? You have a belief that Your loved one happiness has a direct effect on your happiness. Because their happiness is very important to you. As a result, you sacrifice your current state of being. By tuning to their state, because you actually believe that you could actually…