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The importance of relaxing

Understand that nothing defines you, not even your thoughts and emotions. Choose to focus all your energy on relaxing by diverting your attention to relax your body, without changing anything. You don't allow yourself to feel good because you're absorbed in fighting or disapproving of something or someone or yourself. You don't need to do that. If you think that you do this is your stubbornness talking, not you.
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Always Home

It’s not like feeling two feelings at the same time. It’s allowing yourself to be uncomfortable, and by doing that you are relieved from all of the automatic reactions to your discomfort. The cringing of the body, the worrying thoughts, that trigger emotional discomfort all disappear because you allow yourself to be where you’re at, physically mentally and emotionally. You don’t need to agree with your discomfort.…
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What is Real?

If I was an impeccable clear, transparent, precise, glass – Would I notice myself? If I was the empty space that contains all that appears –  the world, the people, my body, emotions, and thoughts, would I still notice myself? Would I be able to see who I am and know my real self? If I was to dream, would I know my real self in that dream? or would I need to wake up from that dream to know myself? If you believe in everything that you see, hear,…
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I Blame Myself

You cannot force yourself to feel. Feelings are already present in you, some of us can feel their emotions more than others. If you think that you can’t feel emotions, it’s not true, you are simply unable to become aware to what you feel because you are heavily invested in other things that take away your attention from your emotions. It is important to understand that we have no control over how we feel. We don’t decide to feel…
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My Source Of Approval

What approves of me? What allows me to be and to do what I want? We often get stuck by our own created rules of disapproval of ourselves. What we can and can’t do, what is allowed and not allowed. We never stop to ponder about the mental obstacles that we call rules, obligations, social norms and agreements. What and who approves of our choices and desires? Yours truly, Boris.…
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I screwed up

Give yourself permission to be without conditions. What does it mean? Give yourself permission to screw up Give yourself permission to be late Give yourself permission to judge yourself Give yourself permission to be afraid. Give yourself permission to be as you are. Give yourself permission to be the one that got that low grade. Give yourself permission to be the one that screwed up that project. Give yourself permission to be no matter the…
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Don’t hold it in

Holding in fears, anger, frustration, uncertainty, doubt. Holding in emotion that makes us feel bad. We don’t do it on purpose, we simply don’t like how it feels that is all. Perhaps we believe that if we will let ourselves feel and express that unpleasant emotion of – fear, doubt, anger, frustration, irritation – That it will stay. That someone might notice us being like this. We will notice ourselves. We believe…
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Accepting emotions

An important step in healing is to allow yourself to feel your emotions. But sometimes we get caught up in noticing our emotions. We notice what we feel and how bad it feels, we continue to notice the time that passed since we are feeling these emotions, starting to develop thoughts whether these emotions are going away or they are here to stay. Wondering whether our condition is ever going to change. Basically, we think that we allow ourselves…
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Surrender or Fight?

We learn that fighting is good. Fight for yourself. Fight to win. Fight for fame. For glory. For pride. For life. We think that in order to get these things we need to fight – people, circumstance, thoughts, emotions, our fears. Because if you don’t fight you must surrender. Surrendering is shameful. Surrendering is a weakness. Losing is shameful. Only losers surrender. When we fight we are running from ourselves, running from…
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You are allowed – Activation Meditation

Ask your self What do I need right now What do I need To be right now In this moment Do I need to do something? In order to be right now What do I need to think about So I can be at this moment? Do I need to figure things out? So I can be at this moment. What are the requirements for me being right now in this moment? There are None. You can relax into knowing that there are no requirements at all for being in this moment. You’re already in this moment with…