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Again !!! Why ???

Recurring circumstance Do you notice a recurring circumstance or appearance in your life, that is followed by an emotion that you don’t like? Sometimes the emotion is so strong or uncomfortable, that we focus mainly on the disliking of the emotion itself the disliking of it being here, again. When will this thing leave me alone already! This upsetting, annoying thing doesn’t let me be, why doesn’t it leave me in peace?…
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Do you care what others think of you?

Are you offended when a person you’re talking to is not paying attention? The only time you get offended is when you want something. So what do you want? Respect? You care what others think about you? You think other people are here to validate you? Your worthiness? Do you need to prove something to them? Who are these people? Your boss, your spouse, your parents, your friends? Yourself? Do you need to prove to yourself that you’re…