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Break Free

When there is nothing left. When you've reached a point of no return. When you feel that you exhausted yourself, drained yourself. When old thoughts and reason do not interest you anymore. When you are tired of your own suffering or boredom. It is time to expand and go beyond all that is familiar. This is when we can allow our old personality to "die" and reborn into a lighter version of ourselves where everything is much clearer, calmer, and freer
Meditation Personal Growth Spiritual Growth Wake Up

Wake Up – Returning To Presence

This practice can be used at moments of anxiety, fear, worry, or whatever is keeping our mind and emotions from being at peace. The main idea behind this practice is to return to the present, to self at times when we have an extremely emotional or mental experience. The purpose of this practice is to awaken from the experience that we are having, just like we wake up from a bad dream.
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Can’t Relax

Can’t relax Mind overtaking Looking for what is next What to do next In restlessness In worry In my own prison of the mind STOP ALL THAT YOU DO You are creating everything you do Every thought and action Stop Surrender to doing You can’t undo the doing You can’t beat it But you can stop and surrender to it. Imagine there is no time Stop caring about time Time doesn’t need you Doing doesn’t need you Stop faking your…
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You can’t help anyone but yourself

From time to time we find ourselves in a situation, in which someone close to us is suffering emotionally. A friend a partner, a relative. We want to help someone we care about. We feel their pain. We might identify with it. Their story may sound familiar to something we went thru before. Sometimes what we have to say helps and sometimes it doesn’t. They say that if you really want to understand what someone is going thru, put yourself in their…