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I am only one

I am only one and there are so many of you. So many thoughts, beliefs,┬árules that I need to remember, social conducts that I have to obey, problems that I need to solve. But there is only one of me. Will I ever get to address all the things that I need to address. Will I have enough time to listen to all the thoughts, worries, problems? Will I have enough time to fix everything I need to fix. After all, there is only one of me and so many of everything else…
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What is your attention grabber?

The thought is like the body, not real, dreamed of. You can focus your attention on either one. And for that second of attention one will disappear from your awareness while the other will stay. Everything is equal to your attention to your awareness. To which direction you will turn your attention that is what you’ll see, that will be your reality for that moment. But your attention is biased by your, mind body and emotions. Each one of…
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Intentions With Meaning

It is ok It is allowed It is here and now Observe acknowledge validate what is. Try doing this without words or thoughts. There is no effort in doing so. There is – No one to blame Not even myself The now is here not to be – Evaluated Judged Compared Or blamed It simply came into existence. Like a child. The now is here In order to be here Not more Not less It has no effort in being here. It is here to be experienced and acknowledged As everything…