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Free Will

We all believe that we are free, but not all feel that way. How can we have free will and yet unable to experience true freedom? Do we choose not to be free deliberately, or we just don't notice the choices that we make that limit our freedom?
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No Guarantees

When you see yourself accomplished, happy, successful is what determines the way you feel right now. We all fall into the trap of thinking about our future happiness without knowing for sure when it will come. Live in our mind's non stop anticipations of the future feels like we're delaying our living to a later date. How can we arrive where we want to be today?
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Many times we get lost trying to help ourselves, heal, find happiness, freedom, peace. It seems that we've looked in all the possible places for solutions to our problems. Most people perceive their unhappiness, limitations, worries as problems, that they need to fix. Never really getting to know the one that suffers. But the one that suffers, is only looking for you to listen.
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Conditions & Expectations

When looking to heal we face our mind's thoughts and opinions about our own situation, health and status. We stick and follow guidelines that we believing are important because they guide us in our lives. However when our reality doesn't meet our own set guidelines, we find it very difficult to focus on healing and moving on. So what can we do?
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Everybody thinks to themselves - I know the person that I am, I know myself better than anyone else, you can't tell me something about myself that I don't already know. Well, I'm here to tell you that the majority of people don't know themselves completely. In fact, they spend most of their lives refusing to get to know themselves, and here is why.
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The Chicken and the Egg

We are used to seeing our life's turmoils as the chicken and the egg story. Looking for who did what to who. Looking for what came first? What caused what? As we go about with our lives we notice that our outer shell is cracking, and it seems like there is nothing we can do about it. This is the reality of our lives. Or is it?
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Now you know

There are two types of thoughts involuntary, spontaneous thoughts and intentional thoughts. An example of an intentional thought is imagination. If I would ask you to imagine a blue balloon, you would create its image in your mind by thinking about it. If I would ask you to say “blue balloon” to yourself in your mind, you would hear yourself speaking in your head without talking. The second type of thought is involuntary thought,…
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Who’s Bad?

You are – Compassionate, Loving, Giving, Friendly, Generous, Kind, Carrying, Sharing, Fearless, Confident, Powerful, Abundant, Peaceful, Free, Flowing, Good. How do I know this? You cannot learn how to become any of these things. It is not something that you can obtain either. If you try to learn how to become any of these things it would mean that you don’t see yourself as being such and it would be a forced attempt at best to become…
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What’s in your way

It also seems that a need is stronger than a want. Whenever I feel that I need something it is usually backed up by a strong argument or a belief. I may want this or that and I may want something strong enough to go for it, but it will never compare to a desire of absolutely needing something. Ask yourself what do I want, the answer could be anything, love, money, peace, etc. Now, compare between two feelings, the first one is wanting what you want and…
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The price of Freedom

When was the last time you were Innocent, Vulnerable, Faithful, Courageous, Trusting? We sacrifice Innocence for suspicion, Vulnerability for boundaries, Faith for fear, Courage for routine, Trust for securities. And then we find ourselves waking up to misery and sadness in our lives. The path we walk on becomes as narrow as a tightrope. Any slight diversion from the path is causing us pain, fear, and suffering. But if we’re lucky,…
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Take Time Out

We all do it, we all take a timeout when we take a break or a vocation from what we’re usually doing to rest, to re-evaluate things perhaps. Even in sports, there is a timeout from the game that is being played, to regroup, to strategize the next move, or simply to rest. But I’m not talking about that kind of timeout, I’m talking about taking a permanent timeout, by taking time, out of the equation of your life. You see, the idea…
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What is next

An old man is looking at his bills and worries about them never stop arriving. A middle-aged woman applying various skin products to her skin and worries about getting old. A young man working overtime trying to prove his worth worries about making a career for himself. A high school teenager observing popular peers and worries about not being accepted by others. A young boy playing with toys witnessing his family financial problems and feels…