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Sense Your Self

Do you know how your senses work? Do you know who or what operates them? Do you question their authenticity? – No, you don’t. We trust our senses. Our senses allow us to picture and experience a world that we live in. But how do we do that? How learning operates? How understanding operates? What is the sense of taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing? –┬áNobody knows. We simply use our given senses since they are always on. But there…
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The Return

Many of us want to find peace, to live in the moment. We try different methods to find peace, to relax, like meditation that teaches us to reject the thoughts, like mindfulness that teaches us to concentrate on the breath and observe – the mind, the body, the feelings, and the emotions. The thing is, that no matter what you do, and what you observe in yourself, it won’t bring you any peace right now, you can spend a lifetime observing…
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Don’t judge your addictions

What is an addiction? Is it a moment of control? freedom? peace? Illusory peace, but still peace. We are addicted to things that make us feel good or make us forget about what feels not so good. Food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, porn, gambling, television, sport, meditation, smartphone, social interaction. Anything you run to, from whatever you don’t like in your experience right now. Addictions come as a result of wanting to feel…