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Breathe Are you afraid to breathe? Can you allow yourself to be without stress, worries, for a split second that it takes to breathe? or are you afraid to let your worries go for that split second from your sight don’t worry your worries will still be there if you won’t think of them for a second just breathe without effort like when you always do without noticing. No need to take a deep breath. Just breathe as you would, normally. But…
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Take a breath. Do you know what you just did? Do you know how you did it? You didn’t think about how to do it You didn’t need to figure it out You just did it You control it and yet most of the time you’re unaware of it. What do you call something that works for you without your awareness? Something that you don’t know how it works and yet you can control it when you wish to. Magic? What about the rest of your body? You’re…