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What you’ve got?

We surround ourselves with obligations, contracts, promises that we're afraid to break. What others would think, would I be able to survive or ask for help if I change? Questions of this sort scare us from even beginning thinking about change. Things like pride, status, disappointing others, scare us and we do not dare to explore why. Declaring instant defeat to fear. We'll do anything not to feel vulnerable. Otherwise, the image that we've created might crumble and nothing will remain of us.
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Everything Works

If life is a stream of passing events how come we spend most of our lives looking to reach some event, isn’t that obvious that once we reach it, that event will be washed away by the stream simply because of the nature of the stream, leaving us again in uncertainty. A change in perception must be made in order to change our attitude towards the stream of life. If a stream is a series of events then it must be treated as such. But unfortunately,…
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Expiration Date

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about death? Is it ignoring thinking about death? The one that fears death fears life. Death is what makes us value life. We cannot experience gratefulness unless we experience the lacking of what we love, or at least imagining the lacking of what we love. Death is what makes us cherish life and embrace everything in life. Ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen to me? if the…
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You cannot grasp yourself. The minute you try to grasp yourself, that minute will no longer be relevant to the current moment that you’re in. Because that moment has passed. There is no need to grasp oneself. To describe, to give meaning. The passing moment has no ability to capture one’s essence. Because one’s essence contains all moments. You are change in which everything is happening. You always have been. Give up the…
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Most of you will answer no to the question – Am I perfect? but why is that? You will immediately come up with a bunch of things about yourself that is currently not to your satisfaction when you think about being perfect. You will think about things that are needed to be fixed first before you can be perfect. Fixing. What is fixing? or more precisely – What can be fixed? Usually, when contemplating about fixing something, we think about…