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life is not fair
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Life is not fair

Life is not fair, people say that. It is an expression that came as a result of observation of circumstance that is not to our satisfaction. Our dissatisfaction with whatever is going on in our lives –  is us refusing to accept life as it is. Because we have expectations and rules for how life should be. What is fair? It is an idea that is made up of each person’s preferences of how he would like life to be. As soon as life doesn’t…
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Who is to blame?

Do you perceive yourself as being an inseparable part of your life’s circumstance? You might think that your thoughts and emotions only come up as a direct reaction to circumstance. The circumstance that comes to get you, to hurt you, to make you miserable. If only the circumstance around me was exactly as I picture it then I would be okay, in fact, I would be more than okay I would be happy if things aligned to my will. Average person’s…
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I appear to circumstance the same way it appears to me

I am not depended on the outcome of this appearance. Me, being, is not depended on any outcome. It feels like being a kid again when everything around is happening without my intervention or attention. Appearance doesn’t require my attention or intervention. Doesn’t depend on what I say or do. Doesn’t depend on me. As well as I’m not depending on it. What it presents to me. Me being myself does not depend on any appearance.…