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Me against myself

Why we are making ourselves do what we don’t feel like doing, most people do what they don’t want to do. Why we are ignoring our desires, feelings, suppressing ourĀ emotions with distractions and addictions? Competition. We compete with ourselves. At each given moment whether you’re aware of this or not, each of us has an Ideal, a goal, a short-term, or long-term goal with which we compete on a daily basis. We compete with…
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Know your competition

Do you find yourself wanting to prove that you are better than someone? If you notice that moment in time, you might feel that you are somehow less than who you were a moment before, unworthy, deprived, lacking something. An unsettling urge is overtaking your state of being, you now have a need to prove a point, because you don’t like feeling like this. You need to prove your worth because you actually believe that you were deprived of your…