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Why I am here?

Since the beginning of time mankind was fascinated by the question about its origin. Contemplating about ones purpose or reason for being. We mostly learn from observation and other people, rarely do we take the time to contemplate about these kind of questions. But I believe that each of us holds the answer to the purpose of our being.
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Trusting Life

Many times in spirituality we hear that one has to have faith and trust life to take care of everything. But we don't trust life, and rightfully so. Because how can we, most of our life we spend preparing for the worst and fearing the worst.With that said I also understand that there is no point in living life unless there is an element of surprise present in life. Surely I want to be surprised and to trust life but I want it to be surprised by the good surprises, I want the good stuff. You know?!
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What is Time?

What is a present moment? Where does it start and where does it end. Is a split of a second or a whole second? Is it even measurable? We love measuring things. Everything in our life has size, volume, length, height, width, speed, weight, depth. We measure all the physical stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong but time is the only non-physical thing that we measure. What is time? 🤔 – Time is an idea. 😎 We think that we exist in time because we…
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You are beautiful

Do you think that you’re beautiful? Perhaps you don’t think that you are. What is beauty anyway? People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But why? Society learns about beauty from fashion magazines, tv shows, movies, commercials. You can pretty much figure out what becomes a beauty standard for those people. We expect from ourselves and others to live up to standards. Standards are embedded into our minds by repetition of…