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Why I’m unhappy.

We are so used to living life by knowing what is good and what is bad. What should we trust and what should we fear. Often our lives are driven by negativity. We take action as a result of avoiding something, fearing something, running from something and ignoring everything that is negative in our minds interpretation, into what seems to be positive. We seek pride to avoid shame. Strive to win to avoid losing. Look for safety because we fear danger.…
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Am I Worthy?

Am I safe? I am safe with me. Always. Am I loved? I am loved by me. Always. Am I free? I am free when I’m with me. Always. Am I responsible? I am responsible for myself. Always Am I dependent? I am dependent on being there for myself. Always. Am I approved? I am approved by myself. Always. Am I worthy? I am worthy because I approve of myself I’m there for myself I’m responsible for myself I’m considerate of myself Always. Yours…
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Again !!! Why ???

Recurring circumstance Do you notice a recurring circumstance or appearance in your life, that is followed by an emotion that you don’t like? Sometimes the emotion is so strong or uncomfortable, that we focus mainly on the disliking of the emotion itself the disliking of it being here, again. When will this thing leave me alone already! This upsetting, annoying thing doesn’t let me be, why doesn’t it leave me in peace?…