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There is no effort in experiencing an experience. The effort comes from reacting to the experience. Experience being the circumstance, emotions, thoughts, feelings. Experience is a part of being which is effortless. There is no effort in being, in existing. There is no effort in being, thinking a thought, feeling a feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling. Effort – is merely our reaction wanting to change what appears, and that is experienced…
Personal Growth

Discovering Being With Self

On what should you focus on when trying to be with yourself? When looking for a relief, for peace of mind. We often get distracted by the seeking itself, the effort, the expectation for a certain experience of peace. Try to tune in between the spoken words in this video, to get a sense of what is it like to be with self, and try to mimic it sensually like a child mimics the world they experience. Yours truly, Boris.…
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I am effortless without effort

Your being has no effort in being. Being now. Any effort that you feel, is your creation. You’re already being, without making any effort. You’re being effortless without effort. Realize this. Any effort that you feel, it’s you holding onto something. Convincing yourself that you need to hold onto something. Release your attention from whatever you’re holding onto. By relaxing your attention from everything.…