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The Chicken and the Egg

We are used to seeing our life's turmoils as the chicken and the egg story. Looking for who did what to who. Looking for what came first? What caused what? As we go about with our lives we notice that our outer shell is cracking, and it seems like there is nothing we can do about it. This is the reality of our lives. Or is it?
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Are you playing a role?

Are you playing a role? How can you tell if you are? Did you ever have a feeling that who you are right now is not who you really are? Most of us pretend for the sake of pleasing, impressing others or believing in something that puts us in a particular role. Some of us don’t even take breaks from the roles we’re playing. Sometimes the role makes us suffer and while we recognize the suffering we endure it. The belief that we must endure everything…
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Do you care what others think of you?

Are you offended when a person you’re talking to is not paying attention? The only time you get offended is when you want something. So what do you want? Respect? You care what others think about you? You think other people are here to validate you? Your worthiness? Do you need to prove something to them? Who are these people? Your boss, your spouse, your parents, your friends? Yourself? Do you need to prove to yourself that you’re…
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Believing is Knowing

You don’t care you’re breathing You don’t care you’re moving You don’t care you’re seeing or hearing You don’t care you’re feeling You don’t care you have food to eat You don’t care you have clothes to wear You don’t care you have a bed to sleep You don’t care you have a mind to think You don’t care you have money to pay the bills You don’t care you have…