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The disapproval that we feel towards ourselves or others is often followed by a forceful attempt to accept what is for the sake of feeling better or preserving peace. Even though we might disagree with our parents, partners, friends, children, we often will choose not to engage in an argument despite the way we feel.
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I Blame Myself

You cannot force yourself to feel. Feelings are already present in you, some of us can feel their emotions more than others. If you think that you can’t feel emotions, it’s not true, you are simply unable to become aware to what you feel because you are heavily invested in other things that take away your attention from your emotions. It is important to understand that we have no control over how we feel. We don’t decide to feel…
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The next chapter of your life

How are you doing? We assume that we and others are always “doing” something, aren’t we? But what are we doing? It might seem sometimes that we are not doing anything, but believe me that we are. We are always noticing something, concluding and memorizing our experiences and our moods. The way we feel. The way the circumstance we’re in feels to us. We are constantly describing some experience to ourselves putting…
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Don’t stop, keep going.

Many times when we find ourselves, thinking, feeling, experiencing things that we don’t feel good about, our initial instinct is to stop whatever we’re experiencing. However, the attempt itself to stop feeling what you’re feeling will be experienced as a bad feeling. Instead of stopping just keep going, but also try to identify your experience as a passing, learning experience, an experience of your current state…