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Nobody / Somebody

Nobody wants to be a "nobody". Our drive to stand out and be somebody sometimes results at the cost of being happy. If you feel a burden playing the role you chose to play in your life, know that it is possible to choose a different one. The one that relates to you directly through which you can authentically express yourself, without any effort whatsoever
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No Guarantees

When you see yourself accomplished, happy, successful is what determines the way you feel right now. We all fall into the trap of thinking about our future happiness without knowing for sure when it will come. Live in our mind's non stop anticipations of the future feels like we're delaying our living to a later date. How can we arrive where we want to be today?
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We take sides, looking at ourselves, others and life through our points of view. But do we need points of view to live our lives? Life is there regardless of our perspectives or points of view. Our points of view are merely the windows through which we choose to see life at a certain angle. But why limit yourself to a certain angle when you can see the whole picture.
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How much is enough?

The inner sense of satisfaction cannot be ever satisfied if it depends on the changing circumstance.When we seek to feel good about ourselves and look to get this feeling from the outside we fall into a trap. The problem with the outside is that it is always changing. So we find ourselves chasing what is always changing, never knowing how to stop because if we stop, what will make us feel good about ourselves? - You don't have to chase your happiness anymore.
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The silent killer

Believe it or not, you feel bad because you make yourself feel bad. Here is why. You don't have to choose sides, but you do it anyway. You don't have to settle or compromise, but you do it anyway. You don't need to believe anything that doesn't feel right, but you do it anyway... Why we do the things we don't want to do, is it because we believe that we don't have a choice?
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Returning Triggers?

The repeated suffering is here only to remind you about your deepest wounds. The deepest wounds are here only to awaken you to your ability to withstand pain. Your increasing ability to withstand pain is here only to remind you about the time passed bearing the pain of your deepest wounds. The time passed bearing the pain of your deepest wounds is here only to remind you about the sacrifice you’ve made putting yourself second by ignoring…
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Everything Works

If life is a stream of passing events how come we spend most of our lives looking to reach some event, isn’t that obvious that once we reach it, that event will be washed away by the stream simply because of the nature of the stream, leaving us again in uncertainty. A change in perception must be made in order to change our attitude towards the stream of life. If a stream is a series of events then it must be treated as such. But unfortunately,…
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The quickest way to help yourself

What is the quickest way to help myself? people ask. Everybody wants a quick solution to their problem. But wouldn’t you prefer the right solution instead of a quick one? You see we are all different. We feel, interpret circumstance, experience things in different ways, therefore we form beliefs, habits, patterns, thoughts each in his and her unique way. So when someone offers a solution for you, see if you resonate with that solution,…
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Regain your power

Give up on control. Give up on trying. Give up on trying to change the experience by controlling it. Because you can’t. You can only observe the happening of everything. Can you allow yourself to observe without interfering with whatever is happening right now? Can you allow your mind to rest now? We are all helpless to the now. It is our natural state. Think about it, we can control our physical bodies movement, but we can’t turn…
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5 most common questions about – Awakening

1. What is awakening? Spiritual or not, awakening is when you get to an emotional state where you’re tired of noticing your self-sabotaging behavior and look for a way to help yourself. Some call it being sick of your sickness. You might not know what to do but when you decide not to tolerate your current state of being as it is, you have already awakened. A new part of you already awakened to the “old” part you. The new you can…
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I can’t make a choice

Not being able to make up my mind. To make a decision or a choice that needs to be made. Feeling trapped, any decision I try to make is not to my satisfaction. This feeling of stuckness and stagnation comes from fear. When we fear the consequences that might come up as a result of making a choice. We stop ourselves. Choice is freedom, by not making any choice, we limit our freedom. Therefore feeling stuck in one place. Wanting to move but we can’t.…