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I’m standing on the shoulders of giants… I’m grateful

I stand on the shoulders of giants that came before me. I’m grateful. Back in the day I was one of them Gracious Innocent Kind Loving We were working together for a mutual cause. Using stardust to shape and mold the universe, from our hearts. Now we are a part of what we’ve created. In honor of all the travelers of the universe now on Earth. You ancient nomads. You magnificent and glorious explorers. Keepers of faith. I’m honored…
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Believing is Knowing

You don’t care you’re breathing You don’t care you’re moving You don’t care you’re seeing or hearing You don’t care you’re feeling You don’t care you have food to eat You don’t care you have clothes to wear You don’t care you have a bed to sleep You don’t care you have a mind to think You don’t care you have money to pay the bills You don’t care you have…