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Live the life you want

The emotions trick us into thinking that life is hard. That we need to overcome life. Adapt ourselves to the struggles of life. Feeling the overwhelming emotions in our bodies, the heaviness, the contractions, the heart dropping emptiness, the abyss of fear. The sea of emotions pulling us into the heart of the storm, while we can barely swim, or don’t even know how to swim. Trying to stay over water, fighting to stay alive. But the waves are too…
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The need to fix something

There is no need To conclude To make wise notions – Of reality Of thought Of Feelings Of condition Of circumstances Of mood There is no need to experience that. Although it is a given possibility. Experience only the base Experience life without meaning or word. You are free from making this effort of conclusion. Nothing will be missing if you just stop concluding. As everything is to your service. Stop fixing things. Stop thinking that…