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Many of our everyday repeated routines, are in fact deliberate distractions from the things that we are looking to avoid. However, as it turns out most of the time, our fears and worries that we're trying to avoid are as a result of a simple and innocent misunderstanding
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Why we Regret?

The shortest answer to this question would be – We regret because we can’t forgive ourselves. We can’t forgive ourselves for behaving a certain way, making certain decisions, hurting someone, not taking action, not spending enough time doing something we love or being with someone we love. Simply put, regret is basically self-blame. Looking back at what was and concluding that we could have done something differently,…
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I Blame Myself

You cannot force yourself to feel. Feelings are already present in you, some of us can feel their emotions more than others. If you think that you can’t feel emotions, it’s not true, you are simply unable to become aware to what you feel because you are heavily invested in other things that take away your attention from your emotions. It is important to understand that we have no control over how we feel. We don’t decide to feel…
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Holding a grudge, when we feel insulted, mistreated, wronged in one way or another should only remind us that we put other people’s opinions, words, actions before our own. We perceive the world through others. Through their validation of ourselves. We are focused on the circumstances and events and conclude that they are the source from which we get hurt. We blame that source and not letting go of that blame unless something “happens”…
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See your invisible relationships

We are in relationships with everything¬† – our thoughts, ideas, dreams, emotions, feelings, things, concepts. Every interaction we experience, every little thing that makes us feel, we’ve developed a relationship with that thing. Relationships are not only experienced via human interactions. Relationships are everything that you find yourself reacting to. Let’s take money for example since money is something…
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I screwed up

Give yourself permission to be without conditions. What does it mean? Give yourself permission to screw up Give yourself permission to be late Give yourself permission to judge yourself Give yourself permission to be afraid. Give yourself permission to be as you are. Give yourself permission to be the one that got that low grade. Give yourself permission to be the one that screwed up that project. Give yourself permission to be no matter the…
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Forgiving yourself

Forgiving yourself for making mistakes, for not being perfect, for not living up to your own standards, other people standards. Self-judgment, self-blame, for failing to follow your self-created rules and beliefs. How do we forgive ourselves? Is it possible? Is it possible to stop agonizing about the things that didn’t come out the way we expected them to? For living lives in suffering, choosing to believe in things that made us feel…
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A thought doesn’t distract you, only you distract yourself with thought

Imagine that your thoughts are floating in colorful soap bubbles. Each though in a floating bubble. A bubble is free to move in any direction, you’re free to make it move in any direction. A thought is not an object, it has no weight. It is free to float like air. You are free to notice it. To follow it. To direct it in any way. There is no need to pop the bubble of thought. It is beautiful. It is free. It is free to collide with another thought bubble.…