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Conditions & Expectations

When looking to heal we face our mind's thoughts and opinions about our own situation, health and status. We stick and follow guidelines that we believing are important because they guide us in our lives. However when our reality doesn't meet our own set guidelines, we find it very difficult to focus on healing and moving on. So what can we do?
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Play the Game

Play the game of life. There is no other choice really, other than this. Sure you can have various spiritual awakening experiences, have different realizations about what is going on with you and life in general. But at the end of the day, that's all it is, passing experiences. You are still here, with your body, after all your aha moments, visions, and enlightening experiences.
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Everything Heals

Everything heals when we stop. If we stop polluting, the Earth will heal, the oceans will heal, forests will heal. When we stop hurting one another our souls will heal. When we will stop hurting ourselves mentally our minds and bodies will heal. Everything in the universe, when left to its own device, is constantly trying to find balance and heal. The Earths atmosphere, nature, our bodies and of course our minds are trying to find balance. The…
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Since many of my readers are emotional/energetic healers and therapists I thought I’d share a few realizations I had about healing. For me, healing can occur only by experiencing being in a safe place. You need to feel physically and mentally safe. Providing a safe place can be as a result of a dialog, environment, thoughts, trust, positive emotions, that are transmitted from the healer. Of course, the healer can also be the person that…
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Remember you

I want to tell you – don’t be scared. I want to take away your sadness. I want you always by my side. I hope that you can see your shining light and cast it on your darkest shadows. I’m going to show you how it’s like to wake up from this dream that you’ve created. The fears that scare you in your life the most are here to show you all your powers. Embrace them with your loving heart until they’ve cried out all your…
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Life is full of reminders to get you back on track

Pain and fear are merely reminders about your already made conclusions on subjects like – lack, freedom, love, health, wealth, worthiness. Look at your life and see what scares you and what makes you feel bad, what thoughts, what circumstances. The sadness you feel is also a reminder about your already made conclusions about life. Pain, fear, and sadness – are here as reminders, not threats. What is threatening you? People? …
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Know your resilience level

An athlete knows not to push his body beyond a certain limit. They know that they might cause damage if they do. However, there is a resilience margin in which an athlete can push their body to improve their performance. The body is resilient in that margin -it recovers and becomes stronger, nibbler, quicker, etc. It takes discipline and wisdom to know this margin and stay within its limits. But sometimes our will to reach a goal or some finish…
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Where to start your spiritual journey

Sometimes the subject of our focus is too overwhelming emotionally and as result, we don’t want to be apart of the experience that we’re focused on. This is fear, and it creates limitations in our lives. Every thought that scares you, is already a created limitation by you. Every time we fear, we focus on some idea that makes fear. That idea, though, or belief is a limitation created by us. To release oneself from limitations.…
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Stop your struggle

The most terrible thing that you can feel in life will come as a result of you, not letting life to take you where you need to go. So why not let life take you. Let everything that is in life to take you where you need to go. In life – I’m not required to take action or do anything. I have no obligations to life. No responsibilities. I’m motionless until I decide to move. I’m speechless until I decide to speak. I’m deaf…
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Accepting emotions

An important step in healing is to allow yourself to feel your emotions. But sometimes we get caught up in noticing our emotions. We notice what we feel and how bad it feels, we continue to notice the time that passed since we are feeling these emotions, starting to develop thoughts whether these emotions are going away or they are here to stay. Wondering whether our condition is ever going to change. Basically, we think that we allow ourselves…