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We all stumble

Thinking about the day that we're no longer going to be here as sad as it may feel, it brings a sense of relief with it. Because we are finally released from judging ourselves and our past. If you're no longer here, there is no one left to think about your agonizing thoughts right? No one to think about what bothers you. No one to judge the way you feel or look.
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Life is full of reminders to get you back on track

Pain and fear are merely reminders about your already made conclusions on subjects like – lack, freedom, love, health, wealth, worthiness. Look at your life and see what scares you and what makes you feel bad, what thoughts, what circumstances. The sadness you feel is also a reminder about your already made conclusions about life. Pain, fear, and sadness – are here as reminders, not threats. What is threatening you? People? …
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What Do I Eat

First of all, I eat with awareness. I choose to be aware of before I put something into my body. How do I know what to eat? Simple, I look at the food that I’m about to eat, and divide it into ingredients. If I see that I wouldn’t mind eating the ingredients of the food separately, then I wouldn’t mind eating the whole dish, mixed with the ingredients. For example, hot cocoa consists of chocolate and milk. Can I eat that amount of…
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Know your resilience level

An athlete knows not to push his body beyond a certain limit. They know that they might cause damage if they do. However, there is a resilience margin in which an athlete can push their body to improve their performance. The body is resilient in that margin -it recovers and becomes stronger, nibbler, quicker, etc. It takes discipline and wisdom to know this margin and stay within its limits. But sometimes our will to reach a goal or some finish…
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You are the miracle of life

Did you decide that you’re physically weak, incapable, dependent, helpless? Did you make such a conclusion about yourself? Maybe you gave up on yourself? Are you living your life, waiting to be saved, waiting for a miracle? People say about every child that is born, that it is a miracle of life. You are that miracle. Don’t be mistaken to think that you are only this body. You are more than this body. The body is only a fraction of what…