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Personal Growth

Be proud of your scars

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Why I can’t have what I want

What I have right now is what I imagined was possible for me to have in the past. What I will have in the future is what I imagine now is possible for me to have in the future. I’m the one limiting myself I’m the one setting boundaries And believing in them Believing how much I deserve How much I worth Measuring my worthiness By looking at what I have And what I don’t Mostly at what I don’t Looking for a way to get what I want And…
Personal Growth Spiritual Growth

You are the extension of me as I am of you

Brother Brother of man The world you created is to small to describe the vastness of me. You are the extension of me as I’m of you. You may not know me But you know that I’m there for you When you call me Faith You may not seek me But you know that I’m in your heart When you call me Kindness You may not trust me But you remember that you once did When you call me Innocence You may look away when I need you But you feel how it hurts When you call…